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July 25, 2016

Branchwood Dr
Springfield, IL

Investigation – 7:00pm

Investigators: Debbie Lowery, Rhonda Jones, Roberta Van Huss

Client was present at the investigation and 2 American Bulldogs were outside.

This house was built around 1985.  She has lived in this house since November 2015.

She has always experienced weird things happening most of her adult life but she has not really paid attention much.

Her Ex-husband passed away last year of cancer.  She said he was the kind of person who could make anything fun.  He was a good person.

Since she has lived in this house she has experienced outside doors opening for her when her hands are full.  TV turns off and on.  Items disappear only to reappear in a different area.  A drawer in the kitchen opened up after hearing footsteps in the hallway.  She thinks she has heard what sounds like a radio playing when there’s no radio on.  Another time she had a picture of flowers sitting on the floor while waiting to hang it over the fireplace when she noticed what looked like flames coming off of it.  She looked down the hallway to see if something might be reflecting onto it.  She walked down the hallway and noticed on the furnace a red button lit indicating it had over-heated.  She feels like someone was trying to warn her of this.  The thing that prompted her to call us was she was in the shower in the bath off the master bedroom when she looked towards her bedroom.  She saw a man with long grey hair sitting on the side of her bed.  She said he looked like he was bent over pulling up socks.  She opened the shower door and he was gone.

We arrived at 7:00pm. She gave us a tour of the home and told us what things have happened.

I set my black game camera up in the master bedroom facing across the bed towards the bath.  My GoPro was set on the kitchen island facing down the hallway.   I set my green game camera up on the fireplace in the living room facing out into the room.  I carried my audio recorder with me.  I took pictures throughout the evening in different locations.

Nothing notable happened that night. We sat in the living room talking about different things.  I did let the client use my dowsing rods which seemed to move for her but it was noticed afterwards she was not holding them level.  They also didn’t really respond to questions asked so we don’t feel she had contact with anyone.

Investigation was over around 9:30pm.

Even though it didn’t seem like anything was happening that night I did get several evps.  One of the evps sounds like someone saying Jeanne (Jeannie).  Another evp happened when I first started walking around taking pictures.  I said I was going to caring my audio recorder with me and also referenced the dogs being outside barking.  After saying the dogs were barking you can hear a male voice say two words.  I can’t tell what they say.  I was talking to the client about her dogs and at the end of the conversation you can hear what sounds like someone saying right one very softly, need headphones.  Roberta is talking to the spirits telling them to tell her their words.  She’s using the Ghost Radar app on her phone.  After telling them to tell her their words you can hear a soft “hey”.

On the GoPro video I got a weird light streak in the hallway.  Note that Rhonda also got a streak from her video camera.

An odd mist was captured on in picture at the end of the client’s bed when she was lying on it using the dowsing rods.

An orb was caught moving in the hallway from the GoPro video.

Several orbs on video were captured in the master bedroom while the client was using the dowsing rods.  Not sure if it was dust moving around or actual orbs. orb1, orb2, orb3, orb4, orb5, orb6.

We didn’t get any names on tape to help us with who might be there with her.  She feels whoever it is they are protecting her.  Both her ex-husband and father have died so it’s possible it could be one of them.  It’s possible it could be any spirit just walking through or someone else checking on her.  She seems ok with the spirits since they aren’t causing any harm.  Maybe we will be able to investigate again sometime to see if we can obtain more information on who might be there with her.

Debbie Lowery/Founder


Date: August 1, 2016

Time: 7:00 P.M.

Location: Springfield

Investigator’s: Debbie L., Roberta V.H., & Rhonda J.

My Equipment: Digital camera, Digital Video Camera, (2) Digital
Recorders, KII EMF Meter

Client & House Info: House is 31 years old. Client has been experiencing
strange activity for most of her adult life. Her son says he has activity
going on at his house as well. Her ex husband
passed away last year of liver cancer. She feels that the spirit that is there, is there to help her. She
said garage doors have opened up for her and drawers in the kitchen have
opened by themselves. She has this flower painting hanging up in the front
room, when she glanced at it, she noticed that there were flames coming
off of picture. When she was walking by the furnace she noticed the safety
light was on which meant that the furnace was overheating. So again, it’s
like whoever this spirit is was warning her of what could have been terrible.
She’s heard footsteps up and down the hallway and voices but can’t make
out what’s being said. The latest activity that just happened, she was in the
shower and just happened to look straight ahead and noticed an older man
with grey hair sitting on her bed like he was getting dressed.

My Findings: From my recorders, heard 3 soft voices that sound like a
female, soft voice1, soft voice2, soft voice3. From my video, I got light movement down the hallway.

A light flashed in the hallway. From pictures I got nothing and no hits from my KII Meter.  
My Conclusion: I feel that she has multiple spirits visiting her. It’s great for
her that if a spirit(s) are warning her and helping her out then I think that’s a
great thing if she’s willing to live with it.

Submitted By: Rhonda Jones

Roberta Van Huss setup all her equipment but did not receive any evidence.