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Auburn, IL

April 22, 2017



Investigators:  Rhonda, Denise, Debbie


We were contacted by the clients because of the unexplainable activity going on in their home.  It really didn’t start until their grandma died.  They have lived in this home for 2 years.  Grandma got sick and had to come live with them and passed away in the home in February of this year.  While downstairs, they have heard the upstairs floor popping like someone was walking on it.  They heard what sounded like a glass breaking in the kitchen but when they looked there was nothing there.  The most alarming thing that happened to one of the clients was while lying in bed something or someone grabbed her legs and pulled her down towards the foot of the bed.  They left the house that night.  They had been hoping that it was grandma but after this last happening they aren’t so sure.


Arrived at the home at 8:00pm.  Talked with the clients and then they gave us a tour of the home telling us where their paranormal experiences happened.


The first hour we setup our equipment upstairs and downstairs and we sat downstairs talking and doing evp sessions.  The second hour we all went upstairs to have more evp sessions.


My findings:

I did not pick up anything on my pictures.  The game camera that sat in the living room by the front door did pick up 2 possible evps (reggie and I will) and a suspicious orb that could be dust.  The other game camera that I had sitting on the counter between the kitchen and the dining room table did not pick up anything there.  The H4N audio recorder that was lying on the counter picked up Denise coming back downstairs after all of us had gone up stairs to get something she forgot.  During that time a humming is heard.  Denise said it wasn’t her and she did not pick it up on her tape recorder she had downstairs.


I took the game camera upstairs with me that was lying on the counter.  During out time up there it did pick up a weird orb that the clients seemed to follow with their eyes.  They were not aware of seeing anything though.  Then there was a big burst of orbs that happened.  No one was stirring around and the furnace had not turned on.  Not sure what it was but it could be dust or possible a big burst of energy.


There does seem to be something going on in this house.  We could not really determine if it is grandma though.  Some of the evps we heard are not female sounding.  It could be poltergeist activity.  Denise said she feels it could also be a little spirit. 


More investigations are needed to try to determine exactly what is going on.


Upon the reveal they told us right after the investigation they could heard noises coming from the master bedroom closet and it sounded like the closet door would open and shut but then after that nothing has happened since.  Could it be a spirit saying goodbye?



Debbie Lowery/Founder

Springfield Ghost Society

Saturday April 22, 2017

8 PM

404 Clover Auburn, Illinois


Moon phase 22% waning crescent

Temp-. 57.9

Dew pt.- 30.9F

Humidity- 36%

Pressure- 30.09

Wind Direction- NNE

Wind Speed 14mph, gusts to 25 mph

Precipitation- none

Conditions- clear 


Equipment used: 2 cameras, 1 camcorder, 2 voice recorders, 1 game cam, laser pen, spirit box.


 Nothing on voice recorders, camcorder, or spirit box.


I experienced a lot of dizziness and sometimes nausea throughout the home. As we spent more time inside the house this feeling became weaker.

I also heard several soft knocks or pops of wood but none were caught on my voice recorders.


2nd floor boys bedroom I observed the one panel of the vertical blinds where they come together when closed move very slightly approximately 9:15 PM. I was standing across the room still. I snapped a picture and got a possible dust, reflection or orb. I also took a picture at the same time on the opposite side of the blinds and did not get any reflection, dust or possible orb.  


I submitted 3 video clips from my game cam from the master bedroom, and 2 pictures  taken in the boys bedroom to be reviewed by Debbie.   

 Respectfully, Denise


Debbie, STC 0168/moving out of closet wall above and left of light switch- 4 sec into film

             STC 0179/ upper left corner- 8 sec into film

             STC 0178/ film gets darker, never happens again in any other clips- 8 sec into film

Other possible orbs: STC_0172, STC_0186

First picture is boys bedroom 2nd floor dust, reflection or orb.

Picture taken at the same time on the other side of blinds.


Both of these audios are from the spirit box on the first floor before we went upstairs. The first one I ask "are you here all the time" answer "NO".


We{Rhonda, Debbie and myself} just went up stairs to put my voice recorder on the master bedroom bed. We are talking about the heavy feelings. Rhonda says she left her EMF detector downstairs, you are asking about my game cam if it is night shot, I reply "yes". Then there is a whisper. I think it's saying " It's on night". Not being sure if this was my whisper I recorder my voice saying the same thing. I'll let you decide.

The next one is where we are talking same time up stairs master, it is actually the first one 35 seconds in. "I can't hear you".


We were on the second floor in master. Caught this humming or a groan? It's very short.

Recorded downstairs 21 minutes after starting the recorder - Sorry


Denise Schleicher

Rhonda didn't receive any evidence.






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