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December 17, 2017


Investigators:  Debbie, Jenny, Rhonda


Client contacted us complaining that a male ghost bothers her at night.  He plays with her hair, feels him crawling up her legs and he stares at her.  She hears footsteps coming into the room where she sleeps.


We arrived at 7:00pm.  Talked with client and she showed us around her apartment.


The house she lives in is 158 years old and has lived there for 7 years.  She lives upstairs and her sister lives downstairs.  This started in her sister’s apartment.  One night the sister heard her back door open and then footsteps came in.  She said she ignored it and it seems like after that it started bothering the client upstairs.


I took pictures throughout the night.  Set video up in living room and master bedroom.  Audio was setup in living room.


The apartment was small so there wasn’t a lot of walking around to do.  Mainly sat in living room and did an evp session and chatted.  Nothing specific happened while we were there.  One time we heard a noise coming from the master bedroom but discovered it was from plastic on the outside of the window and the wind was blowing.


After going through my data collected this is what I found:


I was using a red filter on my camera and snapping pictures around the living room.  Out of many pictures I got one that has a dark mist that looks similar to a face and one picture has lighter colored spots on it. 

I didn’t get anything on audio but got several possible evps on video.  All were in the living room.

Oh God


Wha’cha come her for?

What goes on here?


Wallhanging moves on stairs - possibly person moves it.  Orb goes along floor

Also got 2 videos with possible spirit orbs in them:




This home does seem to have some spirit activity.  I don’t think we captured any definite proof of the male spirit that bothers the client.  Doing another investigation would give us another opportunity to do this.


Thank you for giving us this opportunity to investigate your home.


Debbie Lowery

Springfield Ghost Society/Founder








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