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Springfield Ghost Society Investigation


October 6, 2018


Marland Ave

Springfield, IL


Investigators:  Carl, Craig, John, Debbie

Client with friend stayed at the house but stayed outside.


I would like to thank the client for inviting the Springfield Ghost Society into their home.


The client contacted us because of the following activity.  Dark shadows have been seen moving through the dining room into the kitchen area.  The basement has an uneasy feeling.  The master bedroom feels uneasy to one member of the family.  Animals react to something unseen.  Items go missing and just recently, the toilet in the bathroom off the master bedroom has started flushing by itself. (At the reveal for this investigation the client reminded me that they have heard knocking but can't tell where it comes from and it has continued since the investigation)


We started our investigation at 8:04pm with a tour of the home.  We noticed in the master bedroom and the basement there is a high level of electro/magnetic fields, unspecific but not related to paranormal. This could account for the uneasiness felt in those two rooms.  After the tour the investigators separated and took separate areas of the house.


I started my investigation using my camera, k-2 meter, and audio recorder.  I went to the master bedroom by myself.  I took pictures, audio recordings, and put the k-2 out.  In the time I spent there nothing remarkable was found on pictures, audio or k-2.


I moved to the basement. I was alone again. One of the animals followed me down there and moved around a lot. There was a lot of noise from the dehumidifier and air conditioner running.  Took pictures, audio and used k-2.  Nothing remarkable was found.


I moved on into the dining room.  I setup my motion activated game camera in the dining room facing the kitchen in hopes to catch any shadows.  I sat down at the dining room table.  I also set a small chalk board on the dining room table and invited any spirit to write down a message if they wanted.  Audio recorder picked up John and Carl talking in the living room.  I talked casually to any spirit that wanted to listen asking questions and making remarks.  Later when I viewed the video from the game camera I received possibly 5 evps during that session. Nothing was noted on the chalk board.


Nothing on this video except the question: Did you like it when the fair was here?

Answer on next video: No

Then I was expressing my feeling about fair traffic and received this no.

I also got an orb floating through the frame. Cannot say it is paranormal.


In dining room on audio recorder:

I’m remarking on the pictures and it sounds like a male voice say “Still has a cat” at the end of clip.

I’m remarking its possible client has a little sixth sense:  Voice says “no wants it grow” half way through the clip.


I moved to the 2nd bedroom.  John and Carl moved upstairs so I was once again by myself.  Craig is in the basement. 


Before Carl and John moved upstairs when I was in the 2nd bedroom I picked up what sounds like a female voice but I can’t tell what it says:  female_voice


I moved to the living room alone.  Sat in a chair and conducted an evp session.  On one occasion I thought I heard a voice say something audibly to me but on play back it wasn’t there.  On play back using the audio editing software I noticed the audio waves, visible on the software, were fluctuating like it was picking up noise but the only sound I heard was my voice when I asked questions.  This is puzzling to me.  I’m not sure I understand why this happened.  This is the only room where this happened. (After discussing this with my group we’ve decided it’s possible the Halloween carousel behind the chair was making enough noise to cause this phenomenon)


Example of the empty audio wave:  empty (you will need to use an audio editing software like Audacity to see the audio waves)


I moved to the kitchen, took pictures, audio and k-2 and after a while the refrigerator started running so I moved to the dining room again.  Nothing was noted on the equipment from the kitchen.


While in the dining room I heard the toilet flush from the master bedroom bathroom.  Later found out it was purposely flushed.  Craig came up from the basement and John and Carl came from the upstairs.  At that time we decided to call the end of the investigation at 9:53pm.

During the reveal we did find out the client's daughter was very sensitive to spirits when she was very young and the client has been trying to improve her ability to communicate with her parents who have passed.  So the "wants it grow" evp is right on.  Also, during the reveal we found out the client has a cat that was her parents pet so "still has a cat" also makes sense.


Considering I picked up evps I would say a spirit was there.  Unless the client can identify the voice or manner of talk we still don’t know who it might be.  Another investigation could help do this.


Kind Regards,

Debbie Lowery, Founder

Springfield Ghost Society

October 6, 2018

Saturday, 8:00pm

Springfield Ghost Society

Marland St, Springfield, IL

Craig, one of the investigators, also received some evidence.  Here is his take on the investigation and evidence:

Many of my samples are from the initial discussion and walk-through and could be one of our distorted voices, but there are a couple that are more interesting:  holy cow (Could be investigator John), whisper just before Debbie laughs, whisper between person and what was her name, hello (probably investigator John), I think we....

We were all in the upstairs bedroom and got one of the best ones.  The homeowner says that her mother felt physical pain without her husband and then a faint woman's voice says "I'm ok".  Whispering throughout

These are from the smaller upstairs bedroom when you were trying to track down some high EMF

Voice after sure - could be investigator John.    Voice after - it's up

In the first one, we are going down the stairs and Debbie is talking about the stair color making it easy to miss a step.  There is a deep male voice in the background that seems to be singing something about "down, down...".  Could be investigator Carl but I don't remember him singing.  down-down-deep male sing-song voice.  Second evp - "Watch your--down here"

This is audio from my video camera in the dining room while Debbie was in there.  After Debbie says "Looks like she's taking after you...", you can hear an emphatic "NO!".  I could clearly hear Carl and John in the living room the whole time they were in there, so it could have been part of a story that John was telling.

I'm alone in the upstairs bedroom, I ask if anyone is with me and I think I hear, "I am", but it could be the cat talking to me (no, not in English). haha

I'm still upstairs and it sounds like someone is telling me to "talk now".

I'm coming down the stairs to the first floor and there is a woman's faint voice just after I take the last step.  Debbie is in the dining room doing an evp session so it could be her.

I got two evps off my video that correspond with two of Debbie's evps.  I have a cat and wants it grow.


Springfield Ghost Society


October 6, 2018

Saturday, 8:00pm

Springfield Ghost Society Investigation

Marland St, Springfield, IL

I have reviewed all of my audio (2hrs), and all of my photos, and have got zilch. Nothing at all unusual, evp's or photos. No real experiences at the home other than a few higher EMF readings that could be explained by wiring, etc.

I have no doubt that they may occasionally be experiencing things, and my guess would be family members coming back to visit, although when we were there, they didn't seem to want to come and play with us.

I did enjoy the investigation though.


-Carl Jones

Springfield Ghost Society


October 6, 2018

Saturday, 8:00pm

Springfield Ghost Society Investigation

Marland St, Springfield, IL

John set his video recorder up in the dining room. It taped up until we were ready to call an end to the investigation.  I noticed while it was video taping the screen brightened very bright and then went back to normal.  About 15 minutes after that the ready light started blinking like the battery was going dead or running out of tape.  When John started his play back he discovered nothing had been taped. He doesn't know what happened.  He received nothing on his audio recordings or pictures.

John Koenig,

Springfield Ghost Society








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