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W. Montgomery St.

Niantic, IL




W. Montgomery St.

Niantic, IL  62551



Husband and wife (2 owners ago) both passed away in this home. From what she has been told the house was built around 1920 and it was the first house built in Niantic.

Present homeowners have lived in the house since May of 2013. Bought it pretty cheap, 2 bedroom, 2 unattached garage for $18,000. They have children but I forgot to ask how many and their ages.

Activity started happening 2 weeks ago. Sister and brother-in-law moved into the back garage to live around the 1st of August. They had two cats. The cats disappeared, first one then the other. They do have coyotes around.

Tuesday night after an argument between the 4, the sister went back to the garage to sleep and her husband went with her. A little later  husband was looking out the kitchen window and saw brother-in-law coming back to their house and it looked like his wife was following behind him. He entered the house and the husband asked him where his wife was, his reply was sleeping. Husband said no she isn't because he saw her following him (brother-in-law). They both went out in the yard to look and didn't see anyone. They went to the garage and found the sister sleeping soundly. While standing in the yard they saw two figures peering out one of the windows. They ran in the house and got the sister up and out of the house. They walked around outside the garage taking pictures. Then the husband and the brother in law went into the garage to take pictures. During this time the husband got scratched on the finger and the back. The brother in law got scratched on the back. Sister felt a burning sensation on her stomach and found a raw spot. Now they have seen a shadow approximately 6 foot in the garage and everytime the husband walks into the garage something growls at him. Also something knocked three times at the garage door. Once it sounded like someone was throwing walnuts at the door.

Not much happens in the house. She does experience keys missing now and then but finds them in the spot she put them down at later.



Denise's findings: 8-31 nothing2