Springfield Ghost Society

Haunted Investigations

N. 2nd St.

Springfield, IL



Springfield Ghost Society Investigation Report


Location:  N. 2nd Street, Springfield, IL

Date:        7/27/13

Time:       7:00 pm

Investigators:    Debbie L., Craig W., Rhonda J., Denise S.

Equipment Used:  Digital Camera, Digital Recorder, Video Camera, Digital EMF/Thermometer, and K-II Meter

      Living in the house are mom, dad, 3 kids and 2 dogs.  The house was built in the 1800’s and has been gutted and some remodeling has been done.   Per clients growling was heard from the closet.  The youngest daughter had witnessed a boy’s face coming at her from the bottom of the upstairs.  Lights go off and on and keys go missing and then re-appear later.  Parents heard talking on the baby monitor.

     The following is what evidence I got from this investigation.  From my camera I captured an orb in the front room and from my recorder I got 2 EVP’s that came from the front room.  The first EVP heard was a “No”.  Debbie had asked if any harm would be done to the kids.  The second EVP heard was an “mmm” sound.  It sounded like it came from a child.  Everyone in the room heard this sound.  Then from my video I got nothing. 


Submitted By:  Rhonda Jones



Investigation N 2nd St.



Evp session a sigh was heard

Basement - heavy feeling from the top of my head surrounding my whole body. I felt like I was in a compactor. Very dizzy had to hold on to the railing and go back upstairs.

Nothing on pictures.