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N. Goltra

Blue Mound, IL

Investigation on December 2, 2018


Investigators:  Carl, Denise, Debbie, Jenny


I was contacted by this family because of the issues going on in their house.

The house is very old.  Not sure how old, the last record she can find dates 1908 for an owner.

The son has seen white shadows and black shadows at different times.  The client sees things out of the corner of her eye.

Clients brother had the closet door downstairs open on it’s own.

Client has a sense of being watched.

Things will go missing and then reappear.

They had a dog for a little while.  The dog would back at nothing.

They haven’t experienced anything frightening or evil.  They would like to know who else inhabits the home with them.

They have been renovating the home.




December 2, 2018

Arrived at 7:00pm

We arrived at 7:00pm and talked with the client.  She gave us a tour of the home.

Began the investigation.  I gave a digital audio recorder to Jenny (She’s a medium) to carry with her and I carried the H4N digital recorder.  I set up 2 different game cameras in different areas of the main floor.  I walked around and took pictures.  We sat in the living room towards the end of the investigation and did an evp session.

Investigation was over around 9:00pm

I did not get any evidence.

Respectfully written by

Debbie Lowery/Founder

Springfield Ghost Society


SGS Investigation

317 N Goltra, Blue Mound,  IL.

December 2nd, 2017

Investigators: Denise, Debbie, Jenny, Carl

Others present: Homeowner and her son.

7pm – 9pm


 This investigation was at an old home in Blue Mound, IL that sits right next to a working train track. Took many photos with my full spectrum camera and captured a few interesting things, a large blue streak on the stairwell right when there was a hit on the motion sensor teddy bear that Denise had brought. A reflection in some plastic covering a window in the living room area that looks to me like a woman and a tall man from a bygone era. At one point several of us heard a high squeal sound while sitting and chatting in the living room area. I got several spikes on my K2 meter, especially whenever in doorway areas, both upstairs and downstairs. Captured a few evp’s, and overall it was an interesting investigation.

Respectfully Submitted,

Carl Jones (SGS Investigator)


Bob (Pop)


High squeal sound




apparition (maybe)


faces - outlined




December 2, 2017 / 7PM Blue Mound Illinois
Temp. Hi. 60 Low35
Dew point 38/ humidity 45/ pressure 30.07" / sunset 4:32 / wind SW 2.4 mph- gust SSW 11.6 mph / full moon
Equipment used: recorder, game cam, IR camcorder, tape recorder, motion sensor in bear, lazar grid, camera and spirit box.
Upon arriving went into the dining room to unpack equipment a dizzy feeling came over me for several minutes, and then I never felt it again.
Findings: EVPs from recorder, and orbs in upstairs hallway and voices from the spirit box. I also noted that the electric stove in kitchen was giving off very high emf readings. In the back furnace room a strong smell of gas which was brought to the homeowners attention.
The following are my visual and audio {from spirit box} findings.


grandma yes

heart ford

house is mine


look behind





Denise Schleicher










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