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Investigation was performed on October 28, 2020

Investigators:  Debbie, John

We were called to this residence because of the things happening.

Client inherited home of his mother.  March 1995 he moved into this house.  First night he saw a dark image in the living room.  It came right at him. His words, "The night I moved in I saw a “dark image” no legs, just torso and looked like a pointed hat on head, all dark, couldn’t see it’s face.  It came toward me.  I jumped off the couch and never told anyone for months."

His mother passed away in September 1996.  He experienced items disappearing.  Some things would be found hours to days later and a few things have never came back.  A bedroom door leading to a small patio in the back of the house started opening and closing by itself.  That activity eventually stopped.  Client stored items of value in different places of his home for safe keeping.  These items disappeared over a period. He has found a very small amount of the items in the back bedroom on a dresser but to this day most of his valuable items are gone.  No one but himself knew of his hiding places.  Items have disappeared off his person and he felt nothing.  He claims he has taken pictures of black & white photos and they slowly start showing some color. Many times he smelled perfume.  Many times when his eyelids were shut, he had a feeling they were being touched softly.  June 22 2020 – 2:30am smelled cigarette odor in living room where he sleeps in a recliner.  He never used tobacco.July 5 2020 – 10pm – stove timer went on.  Thing didn’t work for 20 years.  There were a few years when he experienced no paranormal activity.

John and I arrived at the clients home at 1:30pm.  We watched a video he had of the back bedroom door opening and closing by itself.  We listened to his experiences and took a tour of the home.

Began investigation around 2:00pm.  I sat a video camera in the back bedroom and one in the living room.  I carried a digital audio recorder with me and also put one on the living room coffee table.  I took still photos at different intervals.  We all sat in the living room and casually talked with hopes a spirit would chime in.  We held an evp session in the living room and ended the investigation at 3:00pm.  John had several pieces of equipment in every room of the house.  While we were there neither one of us experienced anything unusual.

Our findings:

John reviewed his data and received no evidence at all of paranormal activity.

This is a very old house.  The client said he doesn't know exactly how old or how many people have lived there because no abstract was ever made that he knows of.  Like I said before I didn't experience any unusual activity while I was there.  After reviewing my data I did get a few unusual things.  A picture from the living showed what looks like a partial shadow of a woman.  This is a closer look of the shadow.  Also, while standing in the kitchen facing the back bedroom a possible orb was caught in front of a chest of drawers in the bedroom.  My video recorder in the back bedroom picked up an evp saying "come on Johnny run". Clients name is John.  He said he was called Johnny when he was young and hated it. Another evp on the video recorder in the back bedroom picked up "but why".  Also on the video recorder many voices were picked up but I can't tell what they are saying.  There was no radio or television on while we were there.  A couple of possible orbs were caught on video in the living room while we sat and talked.  I'm not saying they are energy but they do seem to move oddly.  Orb1  Orb2 

I do believe there is paranormal activity happening in this house.  It is a very old home and the client has many keepsakes and pictures.  Is it possible it may be his mother?  Maybe an old friend?  Maybe someone unfamiliar to him?  The only good clue we got was the name Johnny and how it relates to him.

I'd like to thank the client for allowing us to do this investigation.

Debbie Lowery


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