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Contacted by owner with following details:

We just moved into our new home in July. I thought it was odd that the previous occupants lived in a trailer outside the house. Well after being here for a couple months and getting use to the house noises I started to realize that none of my family is making any of the noise. Lights come on (not in front of us) besides a pair of children's light up rain boots. The closet in the master bedroom reopens overnight and things fall off the wall. Just today a box of toys fell off the shelf in that closet right on top of my wife. I contact the previous residents and the lady gave me history of the house.  I just want to make sure that my family is safe.

12/8/18 – bi-fold closet door falls off the track several times. 

Always arguing with each other.  If we leave the house our moods change.
When we first moved in we could hear walking up and down the stairs.
Has had several health issues since moving in (both).  Nothing found to cause it.
Recently everything around the tub fell into the tub at the same time.
They have cats and dogs but they don’t seem to be too bothered
Daughter has heard a faint “hello”
Son has heard weird noises in the office when playing in there.
Children have not mentioned anything about things happening.  Parents don’t want to include children unless necessary.


Investigation 1-5-19


Investigators:  Debbie, Rhonda, Craig, John

Arrived at the home at 8:00pm and met with the owner.  No one else at home but husband.

We were given a tour of the home with info on where paranormal happenings have happened.

I set my gear up with a game camera in the office area, a game camera in the master bedroom; I carried my digital audio recorder with me.  K2 meter was placed on the coffee table in the living room. 

I walked around inside the house taking pictures.  Started in the basement then the main floor then finally upstairs.  I noticed during this time period it was very hard to breathe in the upstairs bedrooms and in the master bedroom. 

Then I walked through again with my audio recorder asking different questions and taking pictures randomly.

One strange thing happened while doing this.  One of their cats ran ahead of me and as I headed for the basement the cat stopped at the stairs leading to the backdoor and turned and looked at me as if to say “follow me”.  So I did.  As I closed in on him he ran on down to the top of the basement stairs and stopped and turned around to see if I was following.  I stood there and took pictures of the basement stairs and into the basement.  I took one weird picture during that time.  I should mention that during the time I was in the house and outside in the yard my camera had a hard time focusing.  I took many unfocused pictures and one of them was at the top of the basement stairs.  I know what was in the picture but the blurred picture seems to show something else, top of stairs picture.  Also as I took pictures in the master bedroom I noticed during a couple of the pictures I could see a streak going through as I looked in the view finder.  I’ve never seen this before using the camera.  The streak was not captured in these pictures.

After all the investigators finished their investigation of the home we all sat in the living room with the owner and conducted an evp session.  Catching evps is my usual mode of evidence but I only got a few in this home.  Most of my evidence came as video and I did get a few questionable pictures.

This is a very old home, over 100 years old.  It started out as a two room house and has been remodeled over time into several rooms.  Some of the old wood on the outside of the original house is visible above the basement stairs.  It was pretty neat to see over 100 year old wood siding.

Nothing remarkable happened that I noticed that night during the investigation except the heaviness in all the bedrooms.

I did capture what looks like a figure outside as I took a picture of the living room.  A window was in the picture and that’s where it looks like a figure,  I also took a picture outside with a couple of unusual orbs in it.

In my opinion, I believe unexplainable things are happening in this home.  The owner said most of the time they happen during the day.  One thing that stood out to him was one evening his wife thought the children were playing on the stairs.  She snuck up to the wall by the stairs and jumped out and said “boo” but there were no children on the stairs.  The wife also witnessed one of their young children engaged in a talking session with something she could not see in the upper corner of their master bedroom ceiling.  The children have not been verbal about any experiences except one of them when asked said he heard a noise in the office and another child said they heard someone say “hello”.

This is an old house with old wiring so experiences associated with high electro-magnetic fields are a possibility.  The house also sits in an area with mine subsidence so the activity produced from movement underground could also be adding to the electro-magnetic fields.  He has stated he has not had any damage to his home from mine subsidence.  Just to make a note…we did an investigation at a house about ¼ miles east of this house back in 2005.  If you drew a line between the houses, they just about line up so the ground movement could have a lot to do with the activity.

I didn’t get any evidence that would lend any information to who, how or why strange happenings are happening but it does show it is.

Debbie Lowery/Founder
Springfield Ghost Society

None of the other three investigators received any evidence.








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