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On September 2, 2020, Springfield Ghost Society received a call from the client in regards to activity happening in their apartment.  Moved in apartment on 7/17/20

-It's her and her 6 year old daughter, her boyfriend, spends the night frequently but does not live there.

-Sometime after they moved in she found her kitchen drawers open.  Thought it was odd.

-Last Tuesday she was hanging clothes up in the closet and it felt like someone grab her behind.

-Last Friday night her and her boyfriend was watching TV and the boyfriend saw a white mist move across the hall from the daughter’s bedroom towards the bathroom.

-Once they lit a candle and the bedroom door slammed shut.  No windows open, no drafts.

-Daughter says she hears noises in her room.  Otherwise she doesn't seem bothered by it.

-After moving in she said she had a vivid dream.  In her dream she was pregnant, found out the baby was dead and still had to deliver the stillborn.  She said she usually doesn't remember her dreams but this one was so real like.


Arrived at apartment at 7:10pm

Just to note that this is a large apartment complex with several individual buildings and each building has several apartments.  The apartments however are very well separated from each other except for the kitchen/bath/master bedroom side (all on the same side).  Regulations do specify they need to have two layers of drywall and a concrete barrier between each apartment so they do not share any walls.

Started investigation at 7:25pm.  We walked around taking pictures, baseline temperatures and electro-magnetic field readings.  Discovered the fan on the furnace emitted fairly high emf readings which could be a reason for the uneasy feelings and could feed any spirits activity if present.


I setup my video cameras up in the child’s bedroom facing the door and closet and in the master bedroom facing the door and closet.  I set my Olympus hand carry digital audio recorder up in the hallway on the floor leaning up against the wall.  I put my emf meter on the living room floor towards the hallway leading back to the bathroom and bedrooms.  I set my Zoom Hn4 digital audio recorder up in the living room on the coffee table.  Craig setup several audio recorders throughout the apartment along with a video camera in the master bedroom and child’s room.  He also took pictures.  Denise setup her motion detection bear in the child’s room on the bed.  She setup a video recorder and audio recorder.  She also used a green laser light with grid in the living room covering the hallway wall and the kitchen area.  Once we did our initial walk through we turned off all the lights and we all sat down in the living room area and just talked hoping if any spirit was there it would possibly chime in to our conversation.  We then held an evp session asking obvious questions.  We heard different sounds but we deduced they were mainly from outdoors.  I moved the Olympus Audio Recorder from the hallway to the kitchen because of the fan noise in the hallway but after turning the air conditioner off I moved it back to the hallway. While sitting on the couch with the laser light on I did see a dark shadow pass through the lights towards the top of the hallway wall.  I asked if anyone else saw it and everyone responded they did not.  About 10 minutes later Craig said he thought he saw something dark go through the lights out of the corner of his eye.  No one else acknowledged they did.  Denise was sitting closest to the front door and she noticed cracking sounds coming from the corner located by the front door.  Craig acknowledged he heard the sounds a couple of times.


Denise was anxious to try a different way of doing an evp session. I was willing to give the Estes Method a try.  The Estes Method was conceived at the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Co. in 2016.  During the process, a blindfold is placed over a person’s eyes and earphones which are attached to a spirit box are placed in the ears.  This person is totally isolated from their surroundings listening only to the spirit box in hopes of communicating with the spirits.


Denise knew I created a list of 20 questions but did not know what they were.  She went into the master bedroom and sat on the bed while Craig took a copy of the questions into the master bedroom and sat on the floor next to the wall.  The idea was that I ask the questions from the living room with Craig listening.

Then Denise relays the words coming from the spirit box and he writes the words down no matter how insignificant.  Attached is the list of questions with spirit box words.

After this was over we ended the investigation at 9:00pm.


Upon reviewing our data Denise did have a picture of what looks like a reflection of light on the master bedroom wall next to Craig’s video recorder at the beginning of the investigation.  A second picture taken immediately after did not show the reflection.  This is an interesting factor but it is unknown if it’s paranormal since there are many reflective surfaces in that area.


My review of data showed no unusual pictures, no changes in temperature, and no emf changes.  I did however get several disembodied voices on my audio recorders. 


On the Zoom H4n audio recorder:


As I placed my equipment around the rooms I placed the Zoom Hn4 audio recorder on the living room coffee table.  I was dictating on the recorder the address, time, date and that I was laying the recorder on the coffee table when a voice says, “Who Cares”.


As we sat in the living room with the laser light on I was explaining to the couple who lived there why we use the laser light.  I told them if a spirit should move through the beams we will see a shadow.  On the recorder you can hear a voice say “No you won’t”.


As we sat on the couch I asked the spirit to make a noise so we know it’s there.  Right after that a loud banging noise came from the kitchen.  The couple has heard that noise before but not sure of its origin.  Was that an answer to my request?


While sitting on the couch I noticed a dark shadow move just below the ceiling breaking the laser beams.  I asked everyone if they saw that.  On the recorder you can hear what sounds like a male clearing his throat and saying “I was coming up through there”.


We started the Estes Method of doing evps:


After asking question 9 on my list a voice is heard on the Zoom recorder.

Can you give me names of the spirit beings here with me?  A knocking is heard and a voice says “bitch”.  Craig did note that he heard knocks coming from the master bedroom closet after that question was asked.


At the end of the questions I told the spirits that I was going to stop asking questions.  If they had anything to tell me or ask me I was willing to listen.  At that time Denise started saying many words.  Several sounded like they referred to music.  During that time I was talking to the couple and they said the neighbor next to them played different instruments.  Was that coincidental? 


When Denise came out of the master bedroom when finished with the questions she stated the voices were mostly male but said if it was female she would specify it.  A voice is heard saying “He did”.


After the Estes Method of evp session ended Denise was walking through the hallway.  I heard her and Craig say something to each other.  She stated she just got pushed.  Just before she said that a voice on the recorder says “Get the F**k out of here”.


Just before we ended the investigation I was telling the couple that we try to be respectful to the spirits.  We all heard a noise with our ears and it was caught on the audio recording.


As we picked up our equipment and put it away a baaa sound was caught on the tape.  Don’t know the meaning of that.


The only one I got on the Olympus recorder was when it was sitting in the hallway.  You can hear us putting our equipment up after ending the investigation.  During that time a male voice says “Help” and then a female voice says “Oh yeah, scissors”.


Denise’s Report:

Upon entering the home I could feel a pull into the hallway. Once there I felt dizzy and a heaviness. This followed me into the master bedroom and the child's room. I did get a little push into the master bedroom door frame almost like I was in someone's way. I did get one photo that was taken from the hall into the master, a mist to the right of Craig's camera. I then showed Craig and took another photo and the mist is gone, taken in a matter of seconds apart. Is this a reflection, I don't know. This second photo was a bit closer than the first. Had an evp of a disembodied voice that I accidently erased from my recorder, caught it on my phone that was placed in the master on the dresser, but the quality was substandard.  


We are awaiting Craig’s evidence if there is any.


This place definitely has spirits roaming around.  We could not determine if these spirits are connected to this apartment or if they just roam from building to building.  The lady who lives here has experienced spirits since she was young so there is also a possibility she has an attachment or a spirit who visits from time to time.  A few of the voices sounded like an intelligent response.  Some seem to be off the wall answers. These apartments have been here for a long time and I’m sure there are several layers of energy in each building.  The lady who lives here now has experienced being grabbed and had a lucid dream about a stillborn.  A door has slammed and the couple feels like they are being watched.  The boyfriend has to have the master bedroom closet door shut when he sleeps and has seen a white form move from one side of the hallway to the other.  The daughter only experiences noises in her room otherwise she is okay.  I feel another investigation would be beneficial.  The first investigation sometimes gives you so much scattered information, all the spirits want to be known. 


I would like to thank this couple for inviting us into their home to conduct this investigation.


Debbie Lowery/Founder

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