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Springfield Ghost Society Investigation

Seven Pines Rd

Springfield, IL

Investigation was performed on August 13, 2021

Investigators:  Debbie, John, Denise

One dog, one cat live inside the home.  The dog was held on to by the owner during our investigation.  The cat was allowed to roam but did not leave the living room area during the investigation.

We were called by this family to investigate the weird happenings going on in their home. They have a 5 year old child and this child seems to have an imaginary friend.  The only problem with this is, this imaginary friend keeps her up singing songs and playing with toys several nights a week.  The 5 year old child calls this friend Renren.  She says Renren rides her bicycle over during the night to stay the night with her and sometimes she brings her friends.  Now, as we talked with this 5 year old, she certainly does seem like she has an imaginary friend but when we question her, if she doesn't know the answer she tells us she doesn't know.  A child with a vivid imagination will have an answer for everything you ask him/her. 

Her mother used the App Ghosttube on her phone to take pictures in the home.  It's like using a SLS camera that maps out ghosts by means of light sensors creating dots.  I don't know much about this app so I can't really voice my opinion on whether I believe or not but she got some pics she was concerned about.


This is our report:

Springfield Ghost Society
Investigation – August 13, 2021
9:00pm –10:30pm

Investigators: John, Denise, & Debbie

Weather -

Moon -  29% waxing crescent
77 degrees
precip - 4%
cloud cover -  20%
dew point - 68F
humidity - 73%

wind - 6mph NNW


We setup our equipment in the child's bedroom and living room/ hallway area.  Pictures were taken throughout the investigation. Digital audio recorders were set in different areas and video cameras were also setup.  We all did a lot of talking to the 5 year old.  We couldn't get her to change her story.  One thing I found odd that she told me was she had a tub of dolls in her room.  She told me they were bad dolls because they try to get her in trouble.  She is an only child and does seem to have a very active imagination.  She's very polite and just a real sweet little girl.


Denise's Report - Pictures taken in succession, the last one is puzzling to me, there is a long stick or something like that. John was sitting behind me on the bed, Michelle was is the living room. pic1, pic2, pic3, pic4, pic5.  No other evidence was found.

John's Report - Nothing was found on any of my recording devices but I did find something odd. She told me she made 3 cards the day of the investigation for us.  The one she gave to me had the initials of joj on it.  Close enough to John for a 5 year old.  How did she know 3 investigators were coming?  She got them out of a wooden chest. One other thing is that when I asked her about the pets her friends bring [visitors at night] for the names with her imagination she finely said " I don't remember there names " usually kids would make up name to the attention on them.

Debbie's Report - Not much noted during the investigation.  Upon review of my data I did get a video with an evp.  It was setup in the living room facing the hallway.  You can hear the 5 year old talking, she is in her room off the hallway.  Like I said previously they do have a cat so the possibility of this being the cat is there.  To me it sounds like a voice saying "out, get out, get out".  The voice sounds close so I don't believe it is the 5 year old.  I also got a picture that looks like a face on the entrance door.  It is in the area one would put your hands so it's possible it's smudges. Use your own discretion. Another picture I got is not paranormal but I found it weird.  It looks like an adult is laying on the 5 year old's bed wearing jeans.  Just weird looking to me.

We really couldn't get enough evidence to say there is a spirit in this home but when you have children in the home you just never know who they might be talking to in the middle of the night.

Thank you for allowing the Springfield Ghost Society to investigate your wonderful home.


Debbie Lowery


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