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S James Parkway

Ashland, IL


Investigation was performed on February 17, 2018

Investigators:  Debbie, Jenny, Denise, Rhonda

We were called to this residence because of the things happening.

Clients purchased the house in November of 2017.  The wife said she felt drawn to the house and felt like she just had to have it and after 4 weeks of quiet they found an item in the house from the past owners and things started happening.

They have 3 children, one is afraid of the house, one has night terrors and the youngest child doesn’t seem to be effected by it.

The husband experiences sleep paralysis where it feels like a very heavy person is laying on him.  He can only move his eyes and cannot make a sound.  He has nightmares about walking into his daughter’s room.  In one dream he fell into the crib and then he woke up.  Other times he dreams he wakes up in his daughter’s room.  He has never experienced nightmares and sleep paralysis before moving into this house.

The wife just has a feeling all the time of being watched, feels sick to her stomach and off balance.

Animals do act skittish.

They came home one day and things that were in the pantry were lying on the kitchen floor as if someone just through them out.

Family also reported feeling like their emotions were being tampered with especially tempers.

After checking different things before going to the investigation I noticed where a lay line goes through Ashland or close to.  Also there is a big electrical substation in their backyard.  This house is over 120 years old with a newer addition built at an unknown time.  The family feels safer in the newer addition.  This house did set empty for a long period before this family acquiring the home.

The male client expressed that something happened to him years ago that included another person and he would like to know if that person was with him now in spirit because he had something he wanted to tell him.

Began investigation around 8:20pm

Jenny said she was picking up on a tall male dark shadow connected somehow to male client.

The house felt heavy when we walked into it.  It was void of furniture because the present family was moving out.

We walked around looking at the house while the owners explained different things to us.  Went upstairs where 2 bedrooms were.  I personally didn’t feel anything up there.  It was hard for me to breath but I had just climbed a set of steep stairs so I refer the hard to breathe to that.

I set my video cameras up in the living room and the bedroom with the crib.  I took many random pictures and used two audio recorders. 

All of us gathered in the living room to do an evp session.  Jenny who is a medium picked up on a drug overdose that happened in the house possibly back in the 1990’s.  The man’s name was Daniel and he was seventeen.  He said many times “They just left me”.  He named – Kaylee, Sarah, and McKenzie.  Jenny and Rhonda the investigators seemed to react very emotionally during this period.  Denise also said she felt very sad.  Daniel said he liked the husband because he was a good guy.

All of a sudden a spirit by the name of Linda broke in and started spouting off more names.  Michael, Brian, Steven, Kaylee.  She said they were all with Daniel.  Brian said they needed to help Daniel but they all left leaving Daniel by himself to die.  He did say he died in the hospital. Daniel spends all his days saddened because they left him.  Linda likes the family who lives there now.  Brian later died in a car accident.  Linda all of a sudden said someone was coming into the room so she was going to be quiet.

The owner of the house said according to records the house had sat empty until 1984 when it was purchased.

While doing the evp session people were reporting seeing moving lights in other rooms and shadows passing through a laser beam setup by Denise.

Denise, Jenny and the wife of the house reported feeling cold air coming in behind them.  We checked the thermostat and it was set on 69.  We took the temperature around the floor and it was 62 degrees, which is not uncommon.

About 1 ½ hours into the investigation Jenny hears a male voice say “Go Home”.  This was not picked up on any of my recorders.

About 1.45 hours into the investigation Denise, the wife, and Jenny went outside.  8 minutes later they came in.  Jenny complained of smelling dog poop but no one had stepped in it, nothing on shoes.  Smell finally went away.

While sitting there Jenny heard a male say “I’m sorry” twice “for what happened”.  When questioned what he was sorry about he said “Male client knows what I’m talking about, I’m proud of you……he knows”.  Is this the spirit the male client was looking to talk with?

Male client asked “Where did you and I meet?

Male spirit – “I can’t go through this”

Jenny then reported feeling a very sad feeling.

I asked if the spirit was sick and he replied “I wasn’t sick”

Jenny felt the spirit kneeling between her and the male client.  Jenny asked the male client if a gun was involved.  The male client said yes.

The spirit said “It’s got to end”.  When asked what’s got to end it said “The guilt”.

Jenny asked if this person had trouble with alcohol the male client said “yes he did”.  The spirit said he wanted to talk to the male client one on one.  The male client said that wasn’t possible so he needed to talk through Jenny.  Jenny asked the spirit if he could hear the male client talk and the spirit said yes.  Jenny said he’s talking about alcohol and he’s sorry, he’s talking so fast.  He’s saying something about a gun.

Around 2 hours into the investigation Jenny says she’s so worn down she can’t communicate any longer with him.  Needs to try another time.

The male client said “If you’re who I think you are I want to tell you I’m sorry”.  Spirit said “it has to end, guilt.  Jenny said the spirit is saying something that sounds like “Broman”.

The male client it probably would have happened either way.  Spirit said “Either way”.  She got the feeling he took his own life.

Investigation is over around 10:20pm.

Upon reviewing my data this was found:

In living room Denise was running the spirit box during the evp session and the word “help” came across.  My H4n audio recorder picked up that word.

After I asked if someone wanted to talk to the male client about anything the word “Hello” was heard on the spirit box.  The H4n picked that up.

I asked the spirit to through things out of the pantry because they had done it before.  After I said that you can hear soft laugh.

Jenny and Rhonda both reported hearing a noise in the kitchen.  My recorder picked up a noise just before they said that.

Rhonda reported hearing a noise next to her towards the master bedroom.  My recorder picked up a noise just before she said that.

We were discussing the laser beam and during that discussion a male voice came through and said “outlaw”.  This was picked up on both of my recorders. Olympus recorder - "outlaw"

On my recorder I also picked up a voice that seemed to chime in during the time I was giving Jenny a flashlight.  Cannot understand what it says. 

During the evp session some questionable orbs show up on the video setup in the child’s bedroom.  They do move slowly and have the properties of a spirit orb but also could be dust.

Jenny said the house was full of spirits, coming and going.  There’s a portal when you first walk into the house.  The substation that sits behind the house also lends to the fact that spirits can use the energy off of it to become strong. The lay line that runs through Ashland also has a lot to do with odd happenings.

This house is active with spirits and since there’s a portal the atmosphere constantly changes do to whatever spirit is the strongest present at the time.  This is why the clients feel sick and off balance.  If there is anyone living there who is the least bit sensitive they will pick up on this atmosphere.

Thank you for giving the Springfield Ghost Society the opportunity to investigate your home.

Debbie Lowery

Springfield Ghost Society/Founder



Feb. 17th, 2018

8PM Ashland, Illinois

Moon Phase: Waxing Crescent/ temp. 39/21/rain+snow/wind SSW 9mph gusts to 20mph.

Equipment used: 

2 voice recorders/IR camcorder/spirit box/bear with motion detector

Upon entering the home I felt very dizzy and nauseated, I was off balance to the point that I was falling over, and had a hard time concentrating. I also had periods of confusion.  

My only audio evidence I got was from my spirit box which was a voice saying help. Recorded in the living room.

I did see a shadow that blocked out the kitchen entrance into the living room where we were all gathered doing an evp session.

During this session on my right arm got very cold much colder than the room was a minute earlier. No windows were open, and the heat was not running.

I did forget one of my voice recorders at the house. I am trying to catch up with the homeowner to retrieve. It was running after we left so there could be more evidence on this device. Will report after I get it back.

Denise Schleicher

Springfield Ghost Society


Rhonda picked up this evidence:

Female voice

help (same as Denise & I from the spirit box)

I didn't hear that


traveling orb


Rhonda Jones

Springfield Ghost Society








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