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Summit Ave
Kincaid, IL



Summit Ave
Kincaid, IL

March 11, 2016



Investigators:  Rhonda Jones, Debbie Lowery

Occupants: 2 Adults, 1 baby, 1 dog

Not sure of the history of the house but they know it’s very old
Neighbor mentioned an old man died in the back yard a long time ago.  Not sure how he died or if it’s even true.
They’ve lived in this house for 10 months. 
Activity started shortly after moving in but it wasn’t alarming:
- woke up in the middle of the night to the smoke alarm going off.  Notice a smoky mist in the living room/dining room area.  Called 911.  Nothing could be found to cause the smoke or the alarm to go off.

-female woke up in middle of night and saw what looked like a female toddler dancing, running and playing in her bedroom.  As she tried to comprehend what she was seeing the toddler disappeared.

-female just got the baby to sleep in her room when she heard what she described as some type of music playing in her room.  She grabbed her phone thinking something was playing on it and it would wake the baby but the phone was quiet.  Male was in the living room and heard the noise.  He thought it sounded like someone talking very very fast.  He ran into the bedroom to tell her to turn off the phone for fear of waking the baby but found her sitting in bed with a puzzled look on her face.  Just then the baby wakes and starts crying and the sound stops.

Recently these things have happened:

-A cross hanging on a wall in the kitchen fell off the wall slid across the floor and hit the wall on the other side of the kitchen.  It had to go out and around a refrigerator to do this. (witnessed)

-A clock in the living room has fallen off the wall.  Nail it was hanging on was sturdy.  Would have had to been lifted up off the nail. (did not see)

-The chains on the ceiling fan move when they shouldn’t.  They actually swing back and forth. (witnessed)

-Word plaques that sit in a bay window in the dining room are tipped over constantly. (witnessed)

-A vase sitting on the dining room table fell off the table onto the floor.  The table had many items on it that would have blocked the vase from rolling off the table so it had to have been lifted off. (did not see)

-A paper tag hanging from a baby walker swings by itself many times. (witnessed)

-Pictures came off the wall in the master bedroom. (did not see)

-Baby will not sleep in her own room.

-Baby is very irritable when in the house.

-Dog is very nervous in the house.  Will not eat when in the house.  Barks and growls at something in the dining room or kitchen from the living room.  Chews at itself nervously.

-While baby was sitting on the floor playing.  Mom noticed she arched her back and started fussing.  Mom couldn’t console her so she thought maybe a bath would calm her down.  When she took off the baby’s top she noticed the baby’s back was red like something irritated it or possibly hit her. (witnessed)

-female was lying in bed and it felt like something tightened around her neck like she was being choked.  She couldn’t cry out or move while this was happening.  It finally released.  This is what prompted her to call us.







We arrived at the home at 8:00pm on March 11th, 2016.  We talked with the occupants.  They gave us a tour of the home explaining what has happened and expressing their concerns.  They also said things seem to happen most when they are in separate rooms.  They are no longer staying in this house.  They stay with the female’s mother.

We setup our equipment.  With some of the things that have happened I wondered if there might be a child involved so I put my slate/chalk out on the baby’s room floor and a small etcha sketch. I put a game cam in the master bedroom facing the bedroom door.  I put another game cam on the dining room table facing the living for about 1 hour and then moved it to the kitchen facing the baby’s room for the rest of the evening.  Audio recorder (new battery died after 1 hour) was carried with me but mostly left in the living room.  GoPro refused to work.

We were there maybe 2 ½ hours. The baby was very cranky and it was hard to conduct a good investigation.  We ask the female if she wanted to lay down with the baby in the master bedroom to see if the baby would sleep plus this would separate the male and female.  We wanted to see if anything would happen.  She was a little hesitant but did it.  The baby was still irritable.  The dog did not react to anything while we were there.

I walked around and took pictures.  Sat in the living and talked with the male about things that have happened.  We did evp sessions.  We did experience a few things while we were there.

After going through my data I didn’t get any odd pictures or odd videos from my game cams.  I did get 3 audio evps.

One is whispering/mumbling (did_you_whisper) and then you can hear Rhonda come into the room and say did someone just whisper.  She said she was in the master bedroom and thought someone whispered in the living room.  Since no one heard anything she assumed it must have been the baby.

Another is one that sounds like someone says (I_got_to) then says something after that but mumbles.

Then the male is talking and there is a strange (sound) that happens as he talks.  Not sure what it is.

Rhonda also received several audio evps.  She will tell about these in her report.

We hope to return to do another investigation when the house is vacated to see if we can obtain any further evidence.

I will be contacting the occupants to go over our findings.


Debbie Lowery
Springfield Ghost Society/Founder

Springfield Ghost Society-Kincaid Investigation Report

Date:  March 11, 2016

Time:  8:00 P.M.

Location:  Kincaid, IL

Weather:  Cold & Clear

Surroundings:  Neighbor was having a party w/karaoke

Investigators:  Debbie Lowery & Rhonda Robison-Jones

Equipment:  Digital Camera, Digital Recorders(2), Digital Video Camera w/Night Shot, KII Meter


Information and type of activity per clients:  Living in this house are the girlfriend, boyfriend, 8 month old daughter and a dog.  They have been living in this house for about 10 months.  They don't know any history on the house except 1 previous owner that lived there years back had passed away in the back yard of a heart attack trying to remove a tree.  Per clients, the activity had recently just started.  The main reason why the clients called SGS was the girlfriend was laying bed and felt hands around her throat choking her.  She tried crying out but couldn't.  Finally, whatever it was released itself.  Recent activity was things in the house falling off the walls and they have witnessed this activity.  The clients had heard a weird kind of music playing that they couldn't describe.  That same night hearing the music the girlfriend saw a toddler spirit in her bedroom .  Then they thought they had a furnace problem, because they were woken up by the fire alarm going off and thought there was smoke coming from the front room and dining room.  After, investigating there was nothing wrong the furnace and there was no smoke coming from anywhere. They're 8 month old baby acts afraid and cries.  They're dog barks and growls at nothing. 


My Findings:  From my digital camera, I got 1 picture of an orb in the dining room.  I had 2 recorders going, 1 placed on the dining room table and 1 in the baby's room.  Most of my evp's came from the recorder set in the dining room.    Some of the evp's were noises and there was 1 evp that was clear as day and that would be the F bomb.  Then from my digital video camera I got an evp of someone saying "shit".  So whoever this spirit is definitely has a potty mouth.  There are other evp's that was hard to

make clear but you can definitely hear something.  We are planning another investigation and I'm very excited to be doing a second investigation there.  There are definitely spirit(s) inside their house. 


My thoughts:  Yes, there is something there!  Still not sure who or what it could be.  Could be a past resident or a family member.  Hopefully after our second investigation we will get more answers.


Submitted By:  Rhonda Robison-Jones   


Return Investigation:

Summit Ave, Kincaid, IL
April 9, 2016



Thank you for letting us investigate your home again.  This time we had a psychic with us in hopes she could pick up on who might be there.  During our investigation she did pick up on a man talking to us from the bathroom/bedroom areas. He did not want to be seen.  She doesn't always hear the voices clearly so sometimes the names are not exact.  This is what she found.


The man's name is Jedediah (or something similar to that).  He didn't like us being there but he wouldn't tell us why.  There is also a small boy about 7.  He mostly stayed in the dining room area running around the table.  He did come into the living room one time and stood by the master bedroom door.  She heard a woman say stop one time but we don't know if she was talking to the child because he was running around the table at the time or if she was talking to someone else.  So possibly there's a family there.  One of the evps has a conversation of the psychic's.  It's named Jeb-noise.  The noise is a bump sound (very faint) right after she says look "where it got me".  There is also an evp of, I believe, the back door opening.  This is the kitchen door to the basement not the actual back door to the outside.  Listen to the sound and see if it sounds like it could be.  I know the door was completely latched when you left. (door_opens).  Rhonda and I also got the same evp, my recorder was in the living room and hers was in the dining room. (I_said_so).  There is also an evp of a man's voice that says "hello".  There was a man there with us that night.  Also an evp that has a very faint "no" after being asked to make a noise.


I don't know what this man was referring to when he said he had been messing with the unknown.  It sounds like he might have been involved with witchcraft but I'm guessing.  They didn't have ghost hunting way back then so if someone saw a ghost they were accused of being a witch.  The child is full of energy so that probably has a lot to do with stuff falling over and off the walls. The woman seems innocent.  I would still like to try to find out more about the man.

Debbie Lowery

Rhonda Robison-Jones