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W. Douglas

Edinburg, IL

This home is said to be an old funeral home.  When the client moved in the back porch walls were lined with the lids off of the boxes that the caskets came in.  The basement has a sign with a phone number on it from the old funeral home covering up part of a vent.  A lot of the writing is covered up but you can see part of the word undertaking on it with the phone number.  The client believes it might have been in business in the 1940’s.

Client has lived in the house for 17 years.  After moving in they would hear someone call them by name.  They knew they were the only one home at the time being.

Client’s mother lived with her in the house, she enjoyed her cigarettes.  She also passed away in the house and on occasion the client smells the cigarette smoke.  They have also seen a dark shadow float through a room.  The client still hears her mother’s voice calling her name at times.  The resident cat also seems to see things.

The client said she talked with a woman that does readings out of Alton, IL and was told it was a young woman.

The client does not like going down into the basement at all.

The client called us to see if we could give her a clue on who might be there.  She is happy with the spirits and don’t mind them being there.



October 14, 2017

Arrived at 7:30pm

We arrived at 7:30pm and talked with the client.  She gave us a tour of the home.

Began the investigation.  I gave a digital audio recorder to Jenny (She’s a medium) to carry with her and I carried the H4N digital recorder.  I set up 2 different game cameras in different areas of the main floor.  I walked around and took pictures.

Jenny was standing in the living room when she heard the name of Ruby or something like that.  She asked everyone if they knew how a Ruby might fit in.  No one knew a Ruby.

We had been there about 30 minutes when Jenny walked into the dining room with the audio recorder.  The floor was squeaking and she was marking that on the recorder.  All of a sudden heard what sounded like an old man say “Get that bitch out of here”.   It also was recorded on the audio recorder.  She came to me at that point and said there was some unhappy spirit there.  We played back the recorder and heard the voice.  I took the recorder in to the client and played the recording.  It was at that time Jenny realized the sister of the client name was Ruth.  She is wondering if that was the name she heard in the living room.

While sitting around doing an evp session we discovered the spirit of an old man named Bob Wilson.  As we asked him random questions he would respond with “Leave us in peace”, “Leave Bitch”, and at one point he told me “Don’t even want to grab you”.  These phrases were not recorded on the audio recorder, the medium could hear him.  He would not give us any more information.

The spirit of Camille Tucker spoke up.  She said she died at 42 years with an ailment.  She had a high fever and rash.  She said she lived in that area possibly around 1932.  When asked why she doesn’t cross over she said she can’t find her son Jacob.  He was abducted when he was four and held for ransom.  She couldn’t pay the ransom so she didn’t get her son back and she didn’t know where to find him. Her husband Jeffrey also passed at an early age from the fever.

Investigation was over at 9:30pm 


Review of my data

We did pick up a few random evps, some from Camille during our investigation.  I also seem to catch the face of possibly Camille in one picture in the living room.

I can’t find any information about this Tucker family so if anyone has any information about them please let me know.

I do feel there are spirits in this home.  It’s unknown if they’re there because it was a funeral home in the past or if they lived in the home or the on the ground at some point.  They seem to be very friendly and ok with the client living there.  Bob is not happy with company.

We would really like to do another investigation to see if we can get more information out of the spirits that seemed so willing to talk with us.

Other EVPs:

Get that bitch out of here

I'm here


Oh Yea



In my opinion I feel there are several spirits in the home.  Most of them quiet and wants to be left alone.

Respectfully written by

Debbie Lowery/Founder

Springfield Ghost Society




Rhonda also found some evidence during her investigation:

Chair Moving


Male - No











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