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Giant Orange Ball


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I lived in Springfield during my teens in the subdivision behind Capital City Shopping Center.  My friend and I would walk around at night to have something to do.  One night as we were walking I looked over to the south above a tree line and saw what I can only describe it as being a giant orange eyeball.  It seemed to hover above the tree line moving only slightly.  I looked at my friend and he was staring at it too.  As I looked back it seemed to blink and then disappear.  Ive never told anyone about this because it sounds so crazy but this is the honest to god truth.

 Other times as we walked around we would see shadow people.  One night we saw a dark shadow of a boy riding his bicycle.  He would ride a bit and then fall over.  Then we would see him again and he would ride and then fall over.  This seemed to repeat itself several times.  Other times we saw a shadow of a man walking down the street.  No matter how hard we tried we could never catch up to him.

Just thought youd like to know my stories.