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Unexpected Visitor


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Unexpected Visitor  

Several years ago my wife and I along with our oldest daughter at that time, were renting a home in Riverton , IL from an elderly lady who was the sweetest lady I had ever met and known.

One day I had found some very old, as well as large photos in the attic of this house where we lived and showed them to our landlady.

As she was viewing each one she told me they were all relatives of hers who had passed on.  Then she saw this one photo and became very quiet.  I asked her if she knew the man in the photo and she smiled and then said yes, this is my husband who died several years ago.  The man in the photo was elderly looking and had bib overalls on as well as a long sleeved shirt.  His hair was all white as well as was his mustache and beard.

After several weeks had passed since that one day one of my younger brothers asked if he and two of his friends could camp out in the front yard that weekend.  Me, my wife and daughter were going to Kansas for that weekend and would not be home.  I had told him it was fine with me.  Upon returning from Kansas, the next time I saw my brother I asked him how his weekend camping had went and he asked me if I had locked the doors and all the windows to the house before we had left to go to Kansas.  I had told him yes, then asked why?  He then told me that just as he was about to go inside the tent that first evening to sleep he looked back towards the front of the house and when he did he saw a man inside looking out the glass front door.  I asked him what the man looked like and he described the landladyís deceased husband accurately in every way.  Needless to say they did not spend the weekend camping in our front yard as planned.

The only other occurrence that happened within the house was at bed time one night.  While on the bed with my eyes closed there was a strong thumping on my chest as one would do with a finger.  I thought it was my wife and I asked her what she wanted.  She did not reply.  Again I was thumped on the chest and this time I lightly elbowed my wife and asked what she wanted.  She didnít want anything..she was asleep facing away from me.  My thoughts?  Maybe our landladyís husband was trying to contact me in order to tell his wife something.  No sure, but I surely did not ask either.