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Unseen Evil  

For several years I lived in an older one story home on North Grand Ave in Springfield , IL .  The house is on the curve and is brown in color.

During my renting of this house I as well as others who had visited with me at this house experienced a lot of paranormal activity, ex: apparitions, unexplained footsteps being heard, moving, door knob turning, and door opening with no visible means.

According to the owner the house is over 100 years of age and was originally a farm house when first build.  The nearest residence being where Krekelís is now located on North Grand.  This of course is someoneís opinion and can be researched.

If there is still paranormal activity within the house I have no idea.  I can only say through personal experience that the house was very much haunted for the years I took up residency within these premises.  I wasnít alarmed by this presence during the period I lived there as I never felt in any danger, although there was one evil presence I could sense, but never did surface and cause harm to me or anyone else who had visited with me from time to time.  My reason for thinking an evil presence was present in this house is I would get cold chills.  At time my hair would literally stand up on my arms and I could feel something very evil.  Then again that is my interpretation and may not be that of someone else.  I only know what I felt and sensed.