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E. Rutledge St., Petersburg, IL


November 13, 2021

Investigators: Debbie, Jenny, Denise, John, Linda, Craig

People in the home during the investigation: Mom, daughter, friend, 2 cats, and a dog at the end of the investigation.

Mom of 3 children.  The older two children live at home and are 16 & 20 and she has a daughter who is going on 8yrs who is recently being targeted.  They have lived in this house for 5 yrs.  The 8 yr old daughter has complained beginning 1 1/2 yrs ago that she feels like she is being watched and not wanting to sleep in her room.  Now something has started tapping her on her shoulder when she is in her room.  She says she turns around and nothing is there. 


They have done some minor remodeling in the house.  The house is 150 years old.  3 months ago mom fell off a 20 ft ladder outside onto some concrete steps and walked away with a broken rib and scratches and bruises.  She feels like her grandfather’s spirit may have saved her.  She was very close to him and she lived with him until he passed.  She was 7 when he passed.  The house did experience an extensive fire in the far past.  Mom took pictures of her daughter in front of the fireplace.  There is a shape in front of the fireplace that cannot be recreated.  This is an unknown.  She said she has other pictures with a white fog in the pictures.


I talked with the 20 year old on the phone and she said her bedroom door opens by itself.  She said you can hear the clicking like the door handle is being turned but it does not turn.  She said it has happened so many times she's used to it.  Her girlfriend has also witnessed this.  She also hears footsteps coming upstairs when she's in her bedroom.  She has also witnessed dishes flying off the counter in the kitchen which happens often.  She seems used to all this happening.  She did not like her 8 yr old sister having these problems.


We arrived at 7:00pm.  We talked with the owner and she gave us a tour of the house.  We started setting up our equipment.

20 year old said she arrived home earlier that day and some of the pictures on her wall were pulled down and were laying on the floor and her bed sheet was ripped.  She was very upset over that and doesn’t understand why this is happening.

I set a video camera up in the family room facing the dining room table and one facing the family room.  Jenny carried an audio recorder and I carried an audio recorder.  Jenny walked around upstairs and took pictures shortly after arriving there.  She could feel a presence in the small bedroom.  An old fashioned etch-a-sketch was placed in the 20 yr olds bedroom and a clean chalkboard with a piece of chalk was placed in the 8 yr old’s bedroom.  First name Jenny connected with was Sarah Billingsly.  Nothing more developed from her.

Jenny was upstairs taking pictures.  She was sitting on the floor in the 8 yr old’s bedroom with her back to the closet and she felt something touch her hair.  She turned around and noticed the mirrored closet door looked like someone was breathing on it so she started taking pictures.  In the pictures, it looks like there could be letters.  It is not known if these markings were there before hand.  Before the evp session began, Denise and Craig said they heard the motion detection bear alarmed a couple of times.


About an hour into the investigation we all came downstairs and did an evp session.

Throughout the night we had a man named Van come through.  He said he didn’t live there before.  He said he came with others.  He told us to get out.  Denise picked up on the fruit apples.  She was getting an impression of apples.  The owner said her grandma would make applesauce for her every time they got together.  There was also a Martha who came forward and said she used to live there, was 97 yrs old, and couldn’t hear very well.  She wasn’t a very strong spirit.  Denise got the impression of a black coat and fur collar.  Was this Martha’s favorite coat?  While asking questions a male voice came through and said “I don’t know”.  A man by the name of Slim Rodgers came through.  He was the strongest.  He said he likes to play games.  He lived there while alive but his family did not.  He was a house painter in the Petersburg, IL area before he passed.  He likes to play games with the people in the home.  While talking to us, my audio recorder that was sitting on the dining room table fell over and he later signaled that he did it.  He also confessed that he made the cat toy ball light up that was also sitting on the table.  When we asked if he would knock over the recorder again or make the ball light up he said it isn’t fun if we are expecting it.  He also said he has been touching the 8 yr old at night.  He sees this as a game.  When we explained to him that he is scaring her, he said he wouldn’t do it again.

I asked Slim if he wanted to know my name.  Jenny said he wanted me to spell it.  On the audio recorder you can hear him say “Yeah, spell it” before she said that.

Right after the ball lit up on the table Jenny said she felt Slim close to us and he said he was standing by the person with the purple shirt on.  Craig was wearing a purple shaded shirt so we all took pictures of him.  Denise experienced the feeling of someone squeezing the back of her neck.

After the evp session we went back upstairs.  I took pictures in all the rooms upstairs.  After being up there for a short period of time the motion detection bear that Denise set in a chair in the 8 yr olds bedroom alarmed.  No one was near it.  Right after that 2 cat ball toys lit up that were laying on the bed.  Pictures were taken.  Slim indicated the alarm scared him.

The investigation ended at 9:27pm.  While gathering up our equipment I noticed the chalkboard had 3 small marks on it.  I’m hoping that was a signal of maybe Slim showing us he’s around.

Some evidence we got:

A voice was heard while Craig was explaining to Denise how to take a long exposure picture.  Craig feels it was Denise saying “where’d my button go” in a silly voice but Denise says that is not her.  Verdict is open on this one.

I had ask for the spirit to knock to let us know they are there.  A knock is heard.

When I asked is they used to live in the house I got a very soft whispery “not yet”.

Craig usually presents his evps with the main evp and then at the end he places the specific sound or noise in an amplified mode.

Craig picked up:

Maybe Slim answering ball question (sounds like someone says something after the question)

Captured in 20 yr old bedroom – “help me”.  It very faint and very hard to hear.  Low grade evp.

Captured in 8 yr old bedroom – Us telling Denise the bear alarmed and the balls lit up at the same time.  Sounds like a voice commenting among us.  It could be one of us.

Bear alarm 1 – Denise is sitting on the other side of the room.  She’s in 8 yr old’s room and the bear is sitting on the chair.

Bear alarm 2 w/lights – Jenny is over by the closet and I’m sitting on the bed.  Craig is on the other side of the room in 8 yr old’s room.  The bear alarms and two of the balls lying on the bed lit up at the same time.  He is just documenting this in this video.

Downstairs bedroom bookshelves – ball of light comes from the ceiling to the floor.

Jenny’s hair being touched – documenting when Jenny felt her hair being touched.

Where’d the button go – Craig feels this is probably Denise saying this in a silly voice but Denise said she didn’t say it and it isn’t her voice.

It’s ok (from voice recorder on person) – Unknown voice chimes in during our conversation.

Yeah (from voice recorder on person) – When Craig was asking about the bowls moving in the kitchen an unknown voice says “yeah”


Denise and John did not get any physical evidence.  Denise did experience her neck being squeezed and she witnessed the bear alarm.  She also witnessed the ball lighting up on the dining room table.  She had strong feelings of a presence in the upstairs hallway and bedrooms.

We’d like to thank this family for allowing us to come into their home to do this investigation.  We would love to come back to do a follow up investigation if the family so chooses.


Debbie Lowery


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