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Springfield Ghost Society Investigation

E. Cook St

Springfield, IL

Investigation was performed on April 23, 2022

Investigators:  Debbie, Jamie, Monaca, Denise

Homeowner was not present for the investigation.  The home was being remodeled.

Noises and shadows, and had flies in an empty basement during winter time (no smell, nothing that could attract them). 

This is our report:

Springfield Ghost Society
Investigation – April 23, 2022
10:00am - 12:00pm

Investigators: Jamie, Monaca, Denise, & Debbie


We arrived at the home at 10:00am.  We met with the home owner and he gave us a tour of the home, went over what was happening in the home and then left.

There was a double murder in this home several years back.  The killer has never been found.  The owner does not feel comfortable in this home.

During our investigation, we didn't really experience anything unusual.  After reviewing our data we did get some evidence.

Video 1 - 8 seconds in "help", Video 2 - 21 seconds in "I can't be heard", audio of female sounds like she counts 1,2 then says oka very distinct whistle.

Denise captured the cat toy ball reacting to a vibration.  No one was moving around at the time.  We even tried stomping around the balls but they did not go off.

Jamie got a picture in the basement of a possible torso with arms.

We feel there is something going on at this home.  Is it the lost spirits of the double homicide?  We hope to find out one day.

Debbie Lowery


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