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October 2002

S Jackson St

Blue Mound, IL

I was contacted by my client in October of 2002.  The client said he had been experiencing unexplained happenings in his home and would like us to see what we could find.  When I asked him how long he has been experiencing this he said it's been happening ever since he moved in but he had 3 boys so he always thought they were doing something.  Now that he lives in the house by himself, all the boys but one moved out he's wondering.  We set the investigation up for November 30th, 2002.

On November 23, 2002 I read an obituary of his fiance.  She died in a motorcycle accident on November 19, 2002.  I usually contact my client about a week before the scheduled investigation to make sure everything is still set to go forward.  I called the client to give him my condolescences and tell him I could reschedule the investigation or just cancel which ever he wished.  He surprised me by saying he wanted us to still come on November 30th.  He wanted to know if she was there with him.  So the investigation happened.

We did 2 investigations on November 30th.  One was a control investigation where a group went in first with no knowledge of what happened and then another group followed who had knowledge.  The following 3 reports are from the control group:

E. Jackson
Blue Mound
7:30 p.m.
Nov. 30,2002
As soon as I walked into the dining room, I noticed a change in the air,
especially as I walked-closer to the hutch at the far
end of the room (furthest from living room). The air felt charged.  Also in the kitchen, the air felt very thick, very energized.
In the bathroom, that atmospheric feeling intensified.  It just felt like the air was pressing against my head from all sides--an indication to me that I'm not alone. As we went upstairs, I noticed a different feeling in the master bedroom. It was just kind of eerie in there--maybe it was the stuffed animals/cartoon characters that seemed to stare at us as we entered. The air was charged in the fiance's closet, and it was very thick in the hallway. The pressure on my temples was intense in Fiance's closet, and the dowsing rods crossed there. I decided to open the door of the second bedroom, and as I did so, it was as if a gust of air pushed out of the room, pushing open the door. I've never felt such an intense movement of energy like that before. Standing at the open door, somehow I knew that I didn't want to go into that room under any circumstances. Ryan confirmed that a spirit was in there. Once I was downstairs again, I used the dowsing rods while walking through the first floor. I stated in the dining room, and nothing happened. Then I entered in the kitchen and they crossed. Oddly enough, as I continued walking through the first floor, the dowsing rods never opened up again. It just felt like a spirit was following me around during this process, and that would explain why the dowsing rods remained crossed and why there were pointed towards me.

Betsy - Control Group


E. Jackson

Blue Mound, IL


November 30, 2002

Report for investigation in Blue Mound on 30 November, 2002

7:30pm - Arrived with Betsy, Gayln and Denise.  Immediately saw a young lady (early thirties) standing in the doorway between the living room and the dining room.  Hair bobbed just below the ears; a very rounding face with large eyes; quite pretty.

7:40pm - Old woman with long white hair in the son's bedroom.  Upon opening the door, she screamed at me very loudly.  Accompanying this scream was a wind I felt.  The wind, I can say with the utmost surety, was not because the son's bedroom was not heated.  It was a forceful blast of air, though I did not feel my hair move a bit.  The wind was felt from head to foot.

7:454pm - the smallest dog in the home has a very large shadow which follows it everywhere, always hovering above it, while the other two inside dogs have shadows which are always close the the ground, but shadows which do, like the other dog's, follow them.

7:50pm - the old woman, still upstairs in the son's bedroom tells me she has uncovered the young man while he was sleeping.  I got the impression she had done this more than once.  She also said she has let the young man see her on more than one occasion.  When he looked at her, she said she smiled.  I got the feeling, the very strong feeling, that she was not family to the inhabitants of the home.

7:55pm - I asked if I could take the woman's picture (the old woman) and said I could not.  Shortly thereafter, she told me to "Be careful". She then showed me a green piece of metal, followed by the following images: vines (the kind that grow in a swamp up the trunks of trees), moss, eventually an entire scene/view of a swamp.  She also said the name "Brenna or Brenda".  At the end of our communication, she dissipated and I experienced rather sharp pain in my right hand.  She then reappeared for a very short period of seconds holding a kitten (white and gray) fur.

8:12pm - As we were saying our good byes in preparation to leave the residence, the old woman appeared near the front door.  The oldest inside dog saw her and began barking.  Even as we were standing in the driveway, the old woman watched us.  She was still standing in the front room window watching us when we drove away.

Ryan - Control Group


E. Jackson

Blue Mound, IL


November 30, 2002

I liked the home, very male dominated.  A lot of electrical appliances in the kitchen.  Anywhere close to kitchen, the dowsing rods would swing in that direction.  There are two freezers, a refrigerator, microwave, and coffee maker in less than a 9 x 12 space and the fuse box is in a closet just off the kitchen.  So I feel this is a draw, sort of a dynamo effect.

I did detect a presence in the living room or just outside - this would be the front of the house.  All my indications were toward the front of the house.  I had the distinct feeling that something is accompanying us around the house.

I never felt threatened - I have to say I enjoyed the house.

Dining room was inundated with smell of "candy lips".  It seemed to move around the room.  We finally located a Glade Room Freshener, but this was not quite the same odor.

Upstairs, the front of the house was occupied (bedroom).

I had a sense of two entities in the house.  One kept moving me towards the master bedroom until I made reference to an old picture on the dresser.  Man in uniform, I believe it was the father of the owner.  After I acknowledged the picture, the entity relaxed.  From this I am guessing that this was the man's father and one of the entities in the house.

Gayln - Control Group



November 30, 2002

S. Jackson
Blue Mound, IL
SGS Members. Debbie & Kenny Lowery, Becky & Jim Hauk
Spectators: Client & Dave Lowery
Arrived at 8.40pm.  Control group had been gone about 1/2 hour according to client.
Walking up to the door a gentleman greeted us and Kenny asked if he was client.
A female voice from inside the house said "Yes'" client said "Yes 1 am'. All of the
SGS members and Dave Lowery entered the house and introductions were made. Kenny
found it funny that there was no lady in the house. We talked to the client a little to get a
little information of what happened in the house, including:

-2 large pumpkins on the front steps last Halloween with large candles in them. After
Halloween client took the lid off the first one to take the candle out so he could throw
the pumpkin away.  When he took the lid of the second pumpkin there was no candle, no

wax- nothing indicating that candle had even burnt in that pumpkin.

-2 Siamese cats were found dead in the upstairs front bedroom.  They weren't sick.  No one knows why they died.

-Client's son and then recently client had had the feeling of being held down in bed not being able to move a muscle or even scream.

-One morning client and his fiance woke up and the top blanket was rolled up from the bottom of the bed all the way to their necks.

-A few days after his fiance died in an accident client was sleeping on the couch in the living room and woke to find a bottle of beer on his legs that was kept in a refrigerator upstairs.

-His fiance saw an old lady with long gray hair in a blue dress walk from the grandfather clock across the living room doorway as she was cleaning a spot on the carpet in the dining room.  This happened one week before she died.

-Finding items lying on the floor when he just passed through and nothing was there before.

-Jacket slipped off a coat hook but didn't fall all the way to the floor.  Just stayed suspended in mid-air.

-Feeling of being watched.

-Knocking at the front door and no one there.

-Handles on chest of drawers shaking.

Kenny set my video camera up in the kitchen facing the front door.  I carried my tape recorder and EMF Meter.  I took pictures all over the house.

There were 3 dogs in the house.  They didn't seem to be affected by anything unusual.  They were excited when we first arrived but calmed down immediately.

On my first trip upstairs I asked if there were only two bedrooms and behind me came a whisper in a female voice that said "Yesssss".  I asked if anyone else heard it.  Jim thought he heard something but couldn't make it out.  The whole time I was there I felt as though I was being watched.  Kenny was watching out the front door and thought Becky was standing behind him saying something and when he turned and asked what she said she was coming from the dining room area.  She had not been talking to him or behind him.

We finished out investigation at 11:30pm

I did not get anything on video, audio or in pictures.

Client wanted me to bring Jennifer up to see if she could tell anything.  Ryan had emailed me a picture taken on the control group's investigation.  There was a global by a chair in the dining room.  I printed it out to take to show the client.

Debbie Lowery

Springfield Ghost Society - Founder


December 3, 2002

S. Jackson St

Blue Mound, IL

SGS Members:  Jennifer Bertoni, Bekki Kell, Kenny & Debbie Lowery

Spectators:  Client, his son & girlfriend

We arrived at 8:10pm.  When we got there Jenny went straight upstairs.  After that we did a walk through.  I attached a mic on Jennifer and video taped part of her walk through until at one point my battery on the video recorder was zapped.

She first encountered a spirit who kept popping in and out very quickly.  Every time it did everyone in the room could hear a popping sound like linoleum popping under ones feet.  All she could see was a dark shadow.  This was in the client's bedroom.  Then she saw his fiance.  She was dressed in tight dark pants with a short sleeve dark sweater style top.  A gold necklace, what looked like a large gold bracelet, several rings, and she kept pulling at her front teeth.  Jenny didn't understand why she was pulling at her teeth until later when she found out that her teeth were knocked out in the accident.  We then went into the front bedroom or the spare bedroom.  Jenny went towards the closet and tried to turn the doorknob.  As she did she heard a gruff male voice say, "Get Out"!  We stood in that room for a while as Jenny tried to understand what the male spirit was trying to say to her.  She was hearing what sounded like "hit with chains".  After a while she said he was getting very agitated so we should go downstairs.  As we headed down she told me to go first.  I said, "No, you go first".  After listening to my audio tape that was taping you can hear a male gruffy voice say, "Get Out" right after I say, "No, you go first".  Jenny said she was afraid he was going to push me down the stairs so she was bracing herself as she went down the steps.  Later we went back upstairs.  This time we asked the client to go with us.  Jenny went back into the spare room and again he started with "hit with chains" repeatedly.  She asked us to leave the room but not to go far.  She was going to try to find out what he was saying.  The rest of us went to the other bedroom.  All of a sudden Jenny started yelling "Shit for brains" he was saying, "Shit for brains".  We started asking him questions.  I asked him his name.  He said, "They call me stumpy shit for brains, ask the children." The client said Robert Childers used to live in the house and was a little person.  He used to be a janitor at an elementary school.  We thought maybe the school children called him names.  We later learned that it was actually his family the "Childers" not the children called him "stumpy shit for brains".

At one point I said something about moving the water bed.  "It should be an easy feat to do".  One the tape you can hear, "I don't think I will".

Through the questioning we have deduced that this male spirit has things in the attic in a lock box that he wants found.  The client is willing to let us go up there and look for them.  I believe once they are found this spirit will be able to move on.

I showed the picture of the global by the chair to the client.  The global is in front of his fiance's chair that was killed in an accident on 11/19/2002.

We believe his fiance is there off and on and will always be as long as he needs her.  The client is ok with this.

I'll be in touch with the client to see how things are going.

Debbie Lowery

Springfield Ghost Society - Founder



Several of the members may find this interesting.   I went to work on Monday December 9th and one of my friends asked how my weekend went, and the ghost meeting.  I explained that Jim and I had gone to Blue Mound on Sunday morning to find the cemetery to see if we could find the man who used to live in the house.  Then I explained that Jenny had gone over on Tuesday night.  I started to explain that she had seen a man who indicated his name was Stumpy (sorry Debbie got it stuck in my mind.).  Vicky then asked me what his real name was.  I indicated his name was Robert (Bob) Childers.  Terry the new temp in our office said, “no, his name was stubby, he had a form of dwarfism, which three of the Childers had.  Vicky then said the name was very familiar.  Terry then said you know he died in the home.  I indicated I had heard he was found on the couch.  She said yes, that he had killed himself, but that at the time they thought that he may not have killed himself, but it was eventually ruled a suicide. Then she explained that Robert was her dad’s cousin.   Vicky says I know his nephew worked with Bob my ex-husband at the time.  Stubby and his wife had been discussing a divorce, but she wanted the house, which originally belonged to Roberts’s grandmother (Verda) who had passed way in 1972.  Around the third week of November Robert had come home from work early and found his wife Juanita in bed with another man, which was supposed to be a town official.  It was approximately a week later or November 26th that Robert was found dead on the couch in the living room.  She indicated that at the time there was speculation that Juanita and or someone else had killed him to keep him from getting the house.  Then I explained that stubby had indicated that he wanted his “stuff”.  Terry said they were poor so the “stuff “ would not be money, but maybe it was the proof that his wife was having an affair.  But, if he had anything it would be in the attic, probably in an old cigar box, and would be somewhere under the floor.  She explained the Childers’ men were always given a cigar box when they were little and taught to put all their important ‘stuff in it and place in somewhere in the attic.   I then explained that Stubby had showed Jenny where his “stuff” was at, he took her to the bedroom closet which was where the access to the attic was.  Terry explained Verda, Roberts’s grandmother, who raised him, originally owned the home.  I then asked if “shit for brains “meant anything, like something he had said.  She said “ no that was what the Childers called him as part of his name, which would explain Roberts comment.  My name is Stubby shit for brains, ask the Childers, (not the children).  Terry has called her Aunt Pat, who indicated that Terry’s dad and Aunt Mary had been closer to Robert.  Pat was not sure what happened to the family pictures when Mary died, but indicated she would talk with family members to find out if anyone had their pictures.


Becky and Jim Hauk

Springfield Ghost Society



Since last doing the investigation  I found out there was a fire in this home.  After repairs the client tried to looked in the attic for the lock box but blown insulation was all over and he was unable to find it.  Whether it was there we'll never know.  The client has since moved out of the house.  He no longer feels his fiance around him.

Debbie Lowery

Springfield Ghost Society - Founder




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