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Investigation: 3600 S 6th St, Springfield, IL

Investigation date: December 30, 2022.

Time: 8:00pm

Investigators:  Debbie, Roger, Rick

Owner & friend present.

This is a used furniture business that is relocating to a different address.  They have to be out by Jan 8th.  They've been in this location for 10 years and weird things have happened since they can remember.  Husband has seen a shadow of a woman.  He thought it was his wife until she came into the room from a different direction.  They've seen black streaks and heard tinkling in their ear.  They've heard a voice say "dad".  One of the furniture pieces there is a cabinet with magnetic closers.  The doors kept opening for an unknown reason.  They've had a shelf fall off the wall.  A folding table with small items on it shook one day for a short amount of time for no apparent reason.

The owner said one day an older man who lives in that area came to the shop and told her years ago, the property used to be a car junk yard.  They owner’s wife died of cancer.  He was so distraught that he sat in one of his junk cars and shot himself dead.

Client may be moving the reason for the haunting with her.  One seems like it could be just dust but the other seems to move with purpose.

We started out with a tour of the building.

We setup our equipment throughout the building.  Roger walked around with the thermometer and emf meter.  He reported there were spikes on the emf meter in the back building in an area where he felt there shouldn't be spikes.  Using the thermometer was not effective due to the size of the rooms.

Noted that traffic can be heard.

Rick & Roger have noted that the ceiling in the attached room to the south is hot.
Rick has seen movement in this room also.  Client said they heard something slide across the floor the other night from the same room.

I tried to take pictures of the area over by the pillows and all of them turned out blurry.  Roger took pictures in that area and they are just fine.

I went to the back room to take pictures and to try to communicate with whatever is there.  This was about 30 minutes into the investigation.

They did have an air freshener that sprayed a couple of times while we were there that caught us off guard.

While sitting and talking with the client, we were talking about what was happening to this building after they move.  After she told me, I had a wave of dizziness like the spirit was telling us they didn't like it. This happened to me 3 times. When I moved from the place I was sitting it didn't happen again.

The client claimed she saw a light rod moving in the other room.  Rick was in the side room and I assumed it was from Rick’s light making it look that way.  I noted on one of my video cameras about that time a figure was picked up moving past the doorway.  Maybe she was seeing this figure or the precursor to the energy.  It did not set off any of the equipment.

After finding this on my video camera I asked Roger if it could possibly be him.  He checked his time stamps on his data and he was in the room with Rick at the time.  He said it wasn’t him.

The client noticed the alarm on the wall lost the lighting on it.  She said that has never happened before and shouldn’t happen.

About 2 hrs into the investigation client feels she sees something move in the back room.  No one else noticed it.  About that time the outside dusk to dawn lights came on.  It was way past dusk and the lights should have already been on.  Client said that was very odd.

We continued with an evp session using the rem pod and an app called necrophonics.  I got one evp towards the end of my recording from necrophonics.  I asked it to tell me their name.  It replied “I’m behind you”.

At 10:20pm my audio recorder stopped recording. 

We tried an evp session with the voice box and nothing seemed to reply to our questions.

At 11:00pm we stopped our investigation.

After reviewing my data I discovered a few possible pieces of evidence.  About 30 minutes after starting the investigation I took my camera and went back in the back room (east of main room) and took pictures.  I always try to take pictures in mirrors because sometimes you can catch some interesting things since mirrors can be portals.  I did get a couple interesting pictures I can’t explain.  The only thing I can remember about that room was furniture, nothing black.  Pic1 Pic2.  Also in the very back of this room I took a picture and it looks as if there is a girl in a while dress trying to hide behind boards.  pic

Nothing was picked up on my audio recorder or my video camera in that room.   A motion activated light I placed on the floor did not react to anything.

I had a video recorder setup in the main room facing south towards the added on room.  Almost 1 hour into the investigation the recorder picked up a figure moving from left to right in a door to the added on room.  Since the figure was at the very beginning of the video (motion detected) I can’t say exactly where the figure started at but from the way it looks it seems it would have to walk through walls.  I’ll let you decide.  Videopic1, pic2.  I also picked up on this video camera a couple of evps.  These were random and not in response to any questions.  I can’t understand what they are saying.  Anyone have any ideas?  Evp1evp2Evp3 sounds like it says “I do want to talk to you” and evp4 sounds like it says “yes, I’m here” and then a growl.  Evp3 & evp4 could be responding to questions.

The last 2 evps I got was on the Zoom audio recorder.  It was sitting in the same area where we were all sitting during an evp session with the necrophonic app.  I said “what’s your name”.  In response a man’s voice says, “I’m behind you”, using necrophonics app.  The second evp, I had just finished putting the etcha-sketch out on the counter area and was explaining it was there for their use to write messages when I got this female voice on my audio recorder, “yes I’m here”.

In my opinion, this place is definitely occupied by at least 2 spirits.  One male and one female.  The client is moving to a different building so it could be possible the spirits will move with her.  Then again, they could just stay at this building, a place where they love and feel comfortable.  They like to be noticed but we do not feel any bad or demonic spirits here.

I’d like to thank you for giving the Springfield Ghost Society this opportunity of investigating this building.


Debbie Lowery, Founder
Springfield Ghost Society




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