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S. MacArthur

Springfield, IL


People who live in the house: client, boyfriend of client, client's daughter (16), client's son (11), and a 6 year old stepson who very seldom visits.  They have 2 cats.

They are buying a house contract for deed and has lived in the house since December but said they have been remodeling it since October.  While remodeling the house before moving in no one noticed anything strange happening.


The other day her 16 year old daughter was home by herself sleeping.  When she woke up she discovered her phone which had been plugged in charging was sitting in the corner of her room with a snapchat video playing over and over of her sleeping.  She called her mom at work.  Mom came rushing home thinking someone was in the house.  She looked everywhere and found nothing. The daughter discovered what looked like bloody fingerprints on her bedroom door, the bathroom door, and her brother's bedroom door and on some walls.  Mom called the police.  The police took the fingerprints in to run them and they took samples of the blood.  The weird thing was the prints were on the hinge side of the bathroom door too as if someone was trying to lift the door off the hinges. Since they had been remodeling the police said they thought it was from them hanging the doors but she said they have painted those doors since they hung them so there should be no prints plus they were on the walls.  The police had the family go down and do comparison prints and so far they haven't heard anymore from the police except the substance came back as not being human blood.


They talked to the seller and he said he hasn't had anyone say anything to him about weird things happening in the house.  She said when they bought the house the kitchen had peel and stick floor tile as counter backsplash and there was a cross pattern made with them and also the same on the kitchen floor.  Also one of the upstairs doors was nailed shut with huge nails and one downstairs also. Many items were left behind from the last tenants and the tenants before them and just this past weekend they finally got the last of all that out of the house.  Since then all this weird stuff has started.  The daughter said she was working on her computer the other night and both cats were on her bed.  She also has a couch in her room.  Daughter's room and son's room are connected by a closet.  While working on the computer she heard a sliding sound coming from under the couch, both cats were on the bed.  Just after that a loud knocking came from the closet area that connects her brother's bedroom with hers.  She went into his room and he was sound asleep. 


Today client came home from work and no one was home.  She walked in the door and noticed her daughter's light was on in her room.  Client ran to the downstairs bathroom and when she was leaving she noticed the light was off.  She went to her mother's house to stay.  I called her tonight.  She and her mother were going back to the house.  They got there and noticed from outside it looked like her daughters tv was on. There was a blue light in the room like when her daughter’s tv is on. When they entered the house the upstairs hall light/fan was on.  They went upstairs and the tv wasn't on and there was no light on in the daughter's room.


Before all this stuff started Client has heard thumps and sounds like something falling but since she has two cats she thought maybe they were doing something.  Just recently she thought she heard her boyfriend say something to her but he denies he did.


The cats do act weird especially upstairs.  They look like they're afraid to go into the bedrooms.  They sit outside the doors and watch for a while.  Sometimes they go into the bedrooms sometimes they don't.


They have a basement with many rooms.  Client doesn't like the room that was the old coal chute room.  She can't stand to be in there.  Now she has to have her boyfriend go down with her when she does laundry because it feels like she's being watched in any room of the basement.  They have an attic they will be remodeling but nothing has happened so far from that area. 


Arrived for investigation at 3:00pm on 1/29/2017


We were met by the family and the 2 cats.  The cats were very vocal and friendly.  The client, her boyfriend and the client’s daughter were at the home.  After a review of the happening and a tour of the home we setup our equipment.


I set my black game camera up in the basement in the coal room.  I set my green game camera up in the daughter’s bedroom.  I laid my h2n audio recorder on the coffee table along with my K2 meter.  I carried my digital Olympus audio recorder on my person the first part of the evening and when I sat down towards the end of the investigation with the family I put this recorder in the kitchen.


Investigators Rhonda Jones and Roberta Van Huss were there also.  Roberta set her camera up in the daughter’s room and carried a digital audio recorder.  Rhonda set her video recorder up in the upstairs hallway facing the daughter’s bedroom.  She also put a digital audio recorder in the daughter’s room.  Rhonda and I roamed around taking pictures all over the house.

Towards the end of the investigation we sat in the living room with the family and conducted an evp session to see if we could get any answers.  I also asked questions upstairs in the daughter’s bedroom and in the basement when I was walking around.

Investigation was over around 5:00pm.



Much to our disappointed we didn’t get any evidence the home was haunted.  The audio pretty much was contaminated by the cats meowing a lot and the family talked amongst themselves a lot.  We didn’t get anything on any of our equipment.  Roberta did sense that a spirit of a German Sheperd dog was running around, no connection to this family.  This doesn’t mean the house is clear, it just means if something's there it didn’t show itself.  There has to be answers about the snapchat video and the finger prints.  The knocking and scooting noises are unexplained.

We would like to come back and do another investigation at a different time and without so many people/cats present. 


While we were there the house felt warm and welcoming.  They have been remodeling and it looks very nice and they are pouring their love into this home.  It’s going to make them a beautiful home.  If there are spirits in this home I hope they appreciate the work they are doing to make it beautiful.



Debbie Lowery/Founder

Springfield Ghost Society






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