Ghost Web Sites
updated 1/30/2009

Springfield Walks Tours (Historic and Ghost)


Crawford County Ghost Hunters

Evergreen Paranormal

Farrout Penndragon Investigations

Ghost Chasers International - Patti Starr, President

Ghost Hunters of Southern Illinois

Ghost Hunters of St. Louis Transcendental Society

Ghost Hunters Ohio Search Team

Ghost-Stalker; Richard Senate

Haunted Help

Haunted Places directory founded by Dennis William Hauck.

Haunted Fort Lauderdale Florida

Louisville Ghost Hunters Society

Michigan Ghost Busters

Michigan Paranormal Encounters

National Ghost Hunters Society

Paranormal & Ghost Society

Paranormal Organization for Research into Time After Life



Paranormal Society of Oregon

The Online Paranormal Society Directory - The Online Paranormal Society Directory

Phantom Finders

Rhode Island Paranormal


Small Town Ghosts

South Jersey Ghost Research

Spellfyre's Ghosts

The Blair Witch Haunting

Virginia Ghosts

Washington State Ghost Society

New Lenox Paranormal Research Society

Paranormal Research
"a multidisciplinary group dedicated to the scientific study of haunting and poltergeist-like phenomena"

Paraseek - Paranormal Search Engine